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Submissions must contain a minimum of 2 images from the same set. Make sure that all models, themes and  images are from a cohesive project. If you’d like, include a title for the image(s) you submit. Ex. (PRISTINE). 


You should expect a response within 2 business days if we are interested. We DO NOT accept released images and they MUST BE UNPUBLISHED. Please make sure to double check the spelling of all the names pertaining to  the credit information. It will be published exactly as it is sent to us. 


You must own the copyrights to the content and/or image(s) you are submitting. By submitting to ICON Magazine, you are providing us permission to crop, make basic edits and select from your submitted content. 


If your editorial is selected for publication, we cannot guarantee the submission will be published. We do not guarantee that all or any photos accepted will be used. We do not pay for submissions. Any expense or cost incurred from your shoot is done so at your own risk and expense. 


All submissions can be considered for our cover, however it is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to make last minute changes even though you might have been made aware you will be receiving a cover. We do not give out free copies of the magazine. PURCHASE, DOWNLOAD AND VIEW your work at Although we set a release date it can vary due to unforeseen circumstances. If we have to push back the release date, we will keep you in the loop. 


Please make sure all models are 18 years of age or older. If you/they are under 18 years of age, a general photographers release along with a minor parental consent release of liability form will need to be signed. Please note, it is your sole responsibility to know how old your models are and for turning in the minor parental consent release of liability form. You hereby state that by submitting to ICON Magazine that you are in fact 18 years of age or older. You and your constituents agree to hold harmless against ICON Magazine, its owners, employees and/ or acting agents/constituents. You and your constituents agree to have any and all rights revoked based off of any negligence that should arise. Also, upon submission, you and all of your constituents agree to have any and all rights revoked in a court of law. 


Thank you and best of luck!


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